Idol Lash – Surprising Things You Didn’t Know

imageFrom the beginning of time to Idol Lash.  A brief history of eyelashes.

From the innocence of a Disney character to being the ‘new breasts’ as described by writer and former call girl Tracy Quan, eyelashes are fascinating. Elizabeth Taylor had a natural double set while Queen Elizabeth 1st probably had none at all. The damaging makeup of her time would have done this. Continue reading

Idol Lash Side Effects – What You Should Know

Are There Any Idol Lash Side Effects I Should Be Concerned With?Beautiful eyes

If there is one aspect of great makeup which never seems to go out of style, it is having long, dark, lush eyelashes. Most women will wear mascara or eyeliner at some time or another, and many end up wearing eye makeup every single day. While there may always be times when you want to wear makeup, would it not be fantastic to be able to get by with natural beautiful eyelashes most of the time without having to worry about them. Continue reading

Idol Lash Before And After – The Verdict Is In

statuesque eyesWhat are the real Idol Lash before and after results?

One of the great things about the Internet is that you can quickly go online and see before and after photographs or testimonials for almost any product. People do not mind showing the changes they have made in their body as a result of various products, and so it should not surprise you to see that there are numerous Idol Lash before and after photographs and testimonials. What you will see from these, is that this product has been extremely effective for many women who were searching for a way to have sticker, healthier eyelashes.  IDOL LASH Continue reading

Where to Buy Idol Lash

The constant worry of mascara smudging

It’s not easy finding the best and safest place where to buy Idol Lash. Many women would like to throw away their make up or at least save it for special events only. Wearing makeup on a daily basis is time-consuming, expensive to buy, and you have the worry all day long that your makeup may be smudging. Especially when it comes to wearing mascara, you have to worry about what you look constantly, in particular if you are active. When you know where to buy Idol Lash, you will have access to the most effective natural eyelash enhancer on the market today. Continue reading

Idol Lash Reviews


Beautiful face

There are few reliable Idol Lash reviews around; I set out in this article to write something more balanced about this cosmetic that is receiving a lot of press coverage at the moment. What you and I want to know is whether it is better than other eyelash enhancing products on the market and what are people saying about it.

After a lot of reading of reviews, I believe that it is a very good product. And there is a money back guarantee. This is the best sort of review of the lot. If the manufacturer has the confidence to give money back up to 28 days – which is the time by which they claim that you should see good results – then why should you worry?

I feel that the positive reviews which I can quote here are unreliable as they are copies from the Idol Lash website or from people selling the product. These are only going to be good. Of course there are a few negative reviews also but I got the feeling that the wording of many of these is so similar while using different names. Why might this be?!!

Well it could be from a very unhappy customer who wants to vent anger, writing as many different people!. They could have just used the money back guarantee. Or, perhaps I am too cynical, but, competitor products can easily put out negative reviews to support their product! I have no evidence to support any of my cynicism. I am simply not easily drawn in by all this possibly partisan comment.

In reviewing any product one has to keep an open mind and develop a feeling from all the information available.

What do we want from an eyelash enhancing product?

  • Longer eyelashes
  • Fuller eyelashes
  • Stronger
  • Eyelashes which look healthier
  • Deeper color
  • Protection against breakages
  • Nicer eyebrows

Our eyes are the light of our face and personality. We are all intrigued by the depth of some people’s eyes. Long eyelashes in a girl or boy are comfortingly attractive. Dark eyes are deeply attractive. Nice eyebrows frame the beauty of the eyes.

Idol Lash promises all these things. Fuller, lush eyelashes and nicer eyebrows.

Is Idol Lash safe?

  • It does not contain worrying ingredients
  • Does it contain growth factors
  • Does not need a prescription
  • Does not damage iris or cause skin discolorationeyeflower
  • Does not contain carcinogens

Medications found in some eyelash enhancers, such as bimatoprost and lanatoprost were initially for the treatment of glaucoma and other eye conditions. They were found to have the side-effect of lengthening eyelashes and are regarded as safe. I will always prefer a preparation which is not so potent and does not affect my eyes so I will avoid such preparations.

Some preparations contain growth factors. I need not say much more about this except to say, why?

Then I came across the questions about whether Idol Lash will stain the skin. Research shows that some products do. Idol Lash will not do this. Phew!

And even more worryingly there is the question about whether there are any carcinogenic chemicals in the product. Once again having searched this question I find that there have been questions asked about constituent of some earlier eyelash enhancing products. I would run a mile from anything like this.

But I want nice eyes.

This eyelash enhancer contains a mix of vital proteins and vitamins in it which help fortify and replenish lashes.  Rich minerals are added to strengthen, rejuvenate and enhance eyelashes.

Review the ingredients of Idol Lash on their website; click here.

Is Idol Lash safe?

Reviews show that Idol Lash is the latest innovation in cosmetic science. It is the purest and least irritating eyelash stimulating and conditioning product available-safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

This is very important also. Some of us have very sensitive eyes. There is little point in having beautiful lush eyelashes if your eyes are red! This product is clinically proven.

What are Idol Lash reviews saying?

I could simply copy good comments from many sources and from the official website. I will leave you to make your own judgement by reading the website if you wish.  Here

How is Idol Lash applied?

It is just so easy. When the brush is removed from the bottle it has sufficient of the preparation on it to do both eyes upper and lower lids. My personal preference would be to start on one eye one day and alternate. Seems more fair!! Apply just once daily at night. I have read that some people use it twice daily but this may be wasteful.

Where can I buy Idol Lash?

It is only available on the internet. Beware only to buy from the official Idol Lash website; CLICK HERE. Unfortunately there are fraudsters who copy products!

Where can I get the best offers on Idol Lash?

Go to the safe official website where there are free offers available and a money back guarantee.

My verdict?

There are many issues about which to be concerned when using any preparation on one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. A money back guarantee is the best recommendation. This is a product which is clinically proven. You can read their policies on the website also. Here.

So having read several Idol Lash reviews, and researched for this one I am happy to recommend it.

To explore free offers and the guarantees CLICK HERE to go to the official Idol Lash website.